4 Main Types of Sprinkler Systems

An important part of daily household chores includes keeping your garden and lawn watered. If your lawn or garden size is substantial, then you should opt for a more effective irrigation system to make the watering task easier and faster for you. Choosing to install a sprinkler system in your yard is highly beneficial for you as a homeowner. Aside from the easy installation process, it is highly effective in keeping your garden and lawn healthy the whole year round. Learn more about the different types of sprinkler systems by reading below on this page.

Soaker hoses

Soaker hoses are specifically used for deep watering. It is often buried along the roots or watering lines of the plants. You can also attach a timer to soaker hoses to limit the amount of water delivered when using this type of sprinkler system.

Drip irrigation systems

This specific type of sprinkler system is becoming a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers. It is the most water-efficient and ideal when watering non-turn areas and clay soils.

Spray systems

The spray heads come in different shapes and size, spraying in different fractions of a circle. Spray systems are great for watering flat surfaces and small surfaces including turf and flower beds.

Rotor systems

Compared to spray systems, rotor systems allow the soil to absorb moisture more efficiently. They are highly useful in watering large areas. Rotor systems are available in two main styles; stream and impact.

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